Holistic Psychotherapy 

Sherry Minniti D'Elia, LCSW, CFEP

...aligning the body, mind and spirit

Given my strong belief in the privacy of the therapeutic relationship, I am an out of net work provider only.

What that means, is that I accept all insurance as long as you have out of net work coverage. You pay me and are then reimbursed by your insurance company. The 4 questions you would need to ask your insurance company to determine exactly how much you would be reimbursed are as follows:

  1.  What is my coverage for out-of-network Licensed Certified Social Workers?
  2.  Is my coverage a percentage of what is considered a customary fee or is it of the actual fee?
  3.  Do I have a calendar year deductible?
  4.  Is there a limit on my number of sessions per calendar year?

Methods of payment include cash, checks, Visa,  Master Card and HSA. If you have any further questions regarding insurance or payment please do not hesitate to contact me.