Holistic Psychotherapy 

Sherry Minniti D'Elia, LCSW, CFEP

...aligning the body, mind and spirit


Individual counseling

Most of what we want to be, we already are...We just need to go within, so that we can become, who we were meant to be.

When working with you, I provide an empathetic, nurturing and accepting environment where I maintain confidentiality and proceed at your pace.  I help you to understand how you have come to relate in the world based on your experience from your family of origin.  Having this understanding alone, helps you to feel so much better.  I then provide you with many tools to help you take control of your life and break negative patterns that have often existed for years.  I also help you to process any difficult emotions that remain inside you from painful experiences.  Through understanding, developing tools and processing painful emotion everlasting change is experienced.